Private yoga class

at your home, villa, boat or at the beach in Ibiza!

A one- to - one Yoga class can help to deepen your practice as you have the full attention of the instructor. 

If you decide that you want to enjoy a private yoga class just for yourself or for you and your friends, please feel free to get in touch.

Carina will make all the necessary arrangements and come to your location anywhere on the island so you can just RELAX and ENJOY the class!

On request it is also possible to organise a BEACH YOGA class.

beach yoga


daily 8am-10pm • 90 MINUTES

one-to-one: € 100,--

2 - 6 persons: € 120,--

6+ persons: €120,-- + €20,-- per additional person


All classes include a final relaxation with essential oils and head massage. Pure bliss!

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private yoga ibiza