Discover the magic...

A paradise island where the sun shines more than 300 days per year and thousands of holiday makers come every year for the world famous parties, beaches and.... a certain MAGIC. The early Phoenicians already declared Ibiza to be blessed by the Gods and honoured it's rich and fertile red soil. To this day inhabitants of the island honour the goddess Tanit who is known to protect the land and it's people from harm. Tanit is also the fertility goddess and is said to support especially women to fully come into their power and express themselves.

Many myths and legends surround the island of Ibiza. For example the island of Es Vedra. Some people say it sits on a massive quartz and therefore emits a strong energy that amplifies inhabitant's or visitor's emotions, ideas and expressions. Others say that it is the third most magnetic point on the planet or that it is the tip of the sunken city of Atlantis.

If all the legends and myths are reality or just tales passed on by generations, if you set foot on this gorgeous little island, it is most likely that you feel a certain kind of MAGIC. Since the early 60s it has been a magnet for artists, hippies, free spirits and creatives. Here people can be themselves and fully express who they are without being judged. Maybe that's what makes it so attractive. The stunning scenery and rich nature will make you return again and again. The perfect place to stop. To recharge. To enquire. And to JUST BE.

Recently Ibiza has been gaining reputation for being the new hot spot for wellness, yoga and spirituality. If you look at the pictures below, you will know why.