What happens at a yoga retreat?

Some of you may ask yourselves... what is actually happening when people decide to go on a yoga retreat? Maybe some doubts or fears have been holding you back to boo your ticket to a week together with strangers who you have never met before. Possibly you were put off by the idea of following a daily "structure" and join in activities. So I wanted to tell you a little bit about what REALLY happens at a yoga retreat.

In the past 2 years I have probably been teaching, hosting and organising 40 yoga retreats and it has been quite a journey. They are never the same and it is always exciting to see what bunch of humans the universe has thrown together. 

Usually yoga retreats are held in beautiful locations on the earth. Close to nature. By the sea. With lots of sunshine. Or other inspiring surroundings. This helps body, mind and soul to unwind, to have a change from the daily grind. To change perspective. 

After the first day of getting to know the group, the staff and the yoga teacher(s) usually feelings of shyness or nervousness have disappeared and the brave participants of the group begin to open up. Tears, laughter and stories are shared and quickly a feeling of community settles in. AAAAAAHHHHH don't we all crave for living more in community and away from isolation? It is one of our MOST BASIC NEEDS to have community. It even sits in our Muladhara (Root) chakra. 

The surroundings are explored, adventures sometimes on the program... but where the REAL MAGIC happens is every morning on the yoga deck. In my own retreats we begin with half an hour of silent meditation before we dive into asana practice. Together as a group we breathe, move, stretch, expand, strengthen and RELEASE! Often tears can flow and emotions are expressed.... and it is being held without judgement. Actually the opposite. Support and compassion can be felt so strongly as we open up to fellow retreaters. It is truly refreshing to be able to be so honest and open hearted!!!!!!! Who would have thought this would happen so quickly in a group of over 10 people that have never seen each other before. It is pure beauty!

The yogic transformation is gently supported by healing and cleansing food, healing treatments and conversations about how to improve our lives. How to become the most radiant versions of oneself! So after a week or 10 days or 5 days you will leave feeling renewed, strong, maybe with a new perspective of life as it is. A great kick start for making long lasting changes for a LIT life. You will return home a lot lighter in "baggage" but with lots of experiences and new friendships in your bag!



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