A different view on the situation...

The year 2017 has begun with quite some exciting situations and stirred up emotions. America has a new president, which will affect the rest of the world as well. Women (and men) uniting and marching for their rights all over the world. Good feelings about starting another year and maybe being able to do things better than in the last one. But on the other hand a lot of fear of what lies ahead of us over the next months and years.


The world is clearly changing. People are becoming more aware, we have more access to information as ever and we actually don’t keep quiet anymore about what is or is not right in our society.


When I scroll down through my Facebook page half of the posts are currently about Trump…. And as you all know, they haven’t been at all positive. The whole world is shocked and scared. But I would like to ask you: What are we projecting and creating with our negative thoughts and our fear? Surely we won’t create world peace in the near future.


I see it like that. Every thought that we have, every image in our heads, every emotion and even every word that we speak is affecting and changing our energy field and therefore will create new situations in the future. (Does the quote “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God..” ring a bell???)


So as we sit here, hating Trump, posting hateful words and sentences on our blogs, creating a fear inside of our future and the possible end of the world, we may be unconsciously influencing how our future actually will look like. By that I don’t mean to say that we should ignore all the sh*t that’s going on and the inequality that’s been imposed on us… It’s very important to be aware of the present and the truth, but we can switch our thoughts. We can be MINDFUL of how we use our speech, choosing words wisely. Bring the focus on what we DO want, not the opposite. How can you formulate in a few sentences, how you would like to see the world, our incredible planet earth like in the near future. See the images, choose words and feel happy about what you have created in your mind.


You might think this is all mumbo jumbo, but everybody that has at least once in their life used positive affirmations knows what I am talking about.


But how can we control our mind and our thinking and the words we speak all day long, so they stay on a high vibrational level? Well, that is practice. And the best way to achieve is and always has been meditation. There are countless guided meditations on the net and even apps for your phone, so basically there is no excuse. Here is a link to one of my favourite meditations, which will bring you into your Heart. Always a good place to start! <3




Let’s create the future and paradise together! Peace & Love!



Carina BognerComment