Astrology - Superfood - Yoga

exploring the charts together

the beautiful course location

Have you always been curious about how the moment of your birth influences your life? Want to learn how you can use constellations to support your career, love life or important decisions? Enjoy learning framed by yoga and meditation and SUPERfoods?

Then join us for three days of high-level knowledge, personal prognosis, best power-smoothies and a daily changing calming Yoga-Meditation combination in a scenery that gives you pure bliss feeling.

This will take place from 23 - 25 September 2016, daily from 09:00 till 13:00 in a dream-location: a private villa in San Josep!

The workshop will be held in English; German and Spanish translation will be offered on demand.

What´s the content:

- learn about the basics of astrology
- learn how to read your own birthchart
- get your own personal forecast for 2017 in a one - one session
- daily morning yoga & meditation class
- enjoy nutricious superfood–smoothies in the breaks with all the infos from the new book “SUPERFOOD TO GO”

Teachers: Carina (Yoga + Meditation) and Isabella (Astrology + Superfood)

Costs: 250 €

What's included?
- daily morning yoga & meditation class
- superfood smoothie and organic & vegan breakfast bites
- daily astrology workshop/course
- personal forecast for 2017 in a one - one session

Contact Carina in Ibiza: or +34 611 205 367

Contact Isabella in Austria: or +43 664 440 22 48

Please tell us your birth-date, -time and -place with your booking.

Your booking will be confirmed with a 50% deposit of the full price.