Sacred Woman Awakening

Last week I had the honour to experience something that was quite different from my daily routine and life happenings. After my attention has been drawn to the root of my body - my womb - a lot this past year through the diagnosis of cysts on my ovaries, I signed up for a course called "Sacred Woman Awakening", which I heard would be working with and healing of women's wombs. How exciting! But I also went in there with zero expectations. 

The door to another dimension...?

The space holder and creator of this course, Diana, who is known on the island for her shamanic work, welcomed us in her Teepee on a beautiful field in the north. She seemed so much more grounded and fun than I expected. Just another woman on her journey like you and I. This made me feel good about everything that was to come. The circle began to fill up with 11 gorgeous, powerful women who were ready to do the work!

Little did I know how really disconnected I was from this area of my body. I couldn't even consciously draw my breath into my womb, something that always has bothered me as a yoga teacher. Only by starting to share into the circle of women about why I thought I was here, energy started to bubble up my body and began to release. The feeling to be able to be so honest and open about my past in front of women I had just met, couldn't have been more wonderful and safe. We have created this net of confidentiality, trust and honesty and honouring of every woman's story.

We are daughters of the Earth, but also mothers to the Earth.

Over the course of the next few days we began to activate our womb through powerful visualisation and meditation and clearing of old patterns, memories and blocked energies from this area. A woman's womb often holds on to a lot of fear, a feeling of disempowerment and sadness.... we even take on the feelings of our partners!!!! Imagine how much clearing there is to do!!! :-) In this meditation I had especially a very powerful vision. Hearing the voice of Diana guiding us and the sound of the drum, I saw myself highly pregnant and in my belly was our planet earth. Yet, I still couldn't make sense of it but it was a beautiful vision.

Between lots of laughter, even more tears, snacks and pee breaks in the field (yes, we were very connected to Mother Earth!) our circle of women became like a tight sisterhood. By knowing each others stories, fears and hopes, a sacred net was weaved between us.... a very special connection!

We even learned about the parallel existence of our wombs and the creator of the galaxy: The Black Hole! Did you know that according to new scientific research black holes are not just "space hoovers" that suck all life, planets and stars up and swallow it? Apparently over a period (as there is not really time as we know it in space) black holes are "breathing in" and then in another cycle they are "breathing out". On the out breath of a black hole, a galaxy is born. Do you see the connection to a woman's womb? We take in, transform and give birth!! How incredible is that!!!! We are like the black holes that create stars, planets and life. Yes, take some time to let that sink in! 

The Black Hole - creator of the galaxy

One of my strongest experience in this 3.5 day course was during a meditation that we did outside in the field, barefoot in the grass. Through slow and free movement and breath, Diana guided us to breath from our womb down into the center of the earth and breathing energy from the earth up. After a few minutes I began to feel a very strong vibration in my body and in my cells; moving into what I can only describe as a "wavy" feeling, like I am falling into a trance. Every cell of my body was BECOMING the Earth, I became every plant and animal on the planet, every forest and every river. I cried... I cried so many tears for this LOVE I felt. I would say that this was the most sacred experience I have ever had in my life! I suddenly felt the urge for more ritual, more ceremony, more fires and storytelling; the shaman in me started to awaken...

After working with our spirit animals and plants, inviting our ancestors, setting intentions and connecting to the sacred woman inside of us, I left the Teepee last Sunday afternoon feeling like I am the holder of some kind of super-power! Strongly centred in my womb, which now by the way I can FEEEEEEELLLL with every breath I take. 

I think the work that we have done is highly important as we haven't just started to heal and connect to the divine feminine but also invited the divine masculine energy to complete the cycle of life... like yin and yang, one isn't complete without the other. But we have to start healing this female-male relationship first within ourselves, and this will radiate out into a much wider field of consciousness which will bit by bit heal our surrounding and step by step our beautiful planet! In these shaky and stirred up times I think it is more important than ever to center ourselves, heal our old wounds so we can spread the LOVE, the light and ancient wisdom from a functional place!


To learn more about Diana and her work visit her website


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