Meditating for world peace

The situation of our world is coming to a dangerous point. Emotions are being stirred up and opinions devided regarding the bombing in Syria and other places in the world. When i read the news on the Internet or listen to the radio I get very upset and so emotional and also scared...... Where is this leading us to????

We may feel powerless as our country leaders do whatever they want without taking into account the people's voice and opinion..... So many people in this world want peace and want to make a change ... But they are in power for now..... Often I think as well.... WHAT CAN I DO?

One thing that each and everyone of us can do is to sit in quiet, better even with a group and mediate for peace. In my meditation this morning I felt strongly the presence of angels and I asked them to protect the children and families whose lives are in danger and are suffering all over the world, especially in war zone. As you continue breathing deeply visualize the Angels and light over these dangerous places, in people's houses to bring protection, healing and hope.... Together our intention can make a change.